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Buy Now Purchase Wonderland Presets for Adobe Lightroom 4 only $49.99 $39.99.

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Good news! I was able to lower the cost of my digital download service and can now pass on the savings to my customers. Wonderland 3.0 includes a total of 176 presets all for a new low price of $39.99. Check them out here  

Buy Now Purchase Wonderland Presets for Adobe Lightroom 3 only $49.99 $39.99.


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Previously purchased Wonderland Presets are eligable for a free Wonderland Presets Lightroom 4 update.

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Recent Critique of Wonderland 3.0


Lightroom 3.0 Tested and Approved





Wonderland Challenge

Not sure if these presets are for you? Of course you could download the 14 free presets and try before you buy. Now you can send me a photo to see what I can do with it. 

Just send a RAW photo to and I will choose from 176 Wonderland presets the look that I think best fits your photo. 

By sending me a photo you agree to allow me to publish sent photo on this website.


See latest challenge entries here


Subject: thank you thank you thank you

 I recently received this email from a happy customer. Thanks Tom for your support.

Subject: thank you thank you thank you
Message: Just wanted to drop a note of extreme thanks for your wonderful presets. I started using your freebies and got hooked, and broke down and purchased the entire set last week. Though I used to think in terms of black and white, your presets have me roaming the world of color, often in startling ways, as you can see on my web site, Friends keep hounding me to tell them my secret for the great effects -- I just send them your way. Rarely am I as impressed with a product as I am with yours. Excellent stuff.
Now give us more...


Dramatic Presets

Here I have posted a few examples of how presets can add extra creativity to your work. Included below are presets from the Wonderland  Presets 3.0 collection. BW Moody is just one of 28 black and white presets included in the collection. I really like how it adds contrast to this photo.

Creative Catalyst 30 has definitely made an impact with it's changes to tone. Wonderland Presets includes 60 Creative Catalyst presets (Defined: A creative agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. These are presets that apply unique creative effects. These are the heart and soul of Wonderland Presets).

Color Isolate Red + Portrait is not a preset that first comes to mind for this type of photo, but it really jumped out at me.  There are 16 Color Isolate presets in all and just as the name implies they work to isolate specific colors and turn every other color black and white.  The Color isolate + portrait presets will isolate a specific color plus skin color and turn all other colors black and white. 

Creative Catalyst 30 Wonderland Preset


Wonderland Presets 3.0 Expanding Creativity

Shot with the thrifty fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8) on a cloudy day. The out of camera shot was great, but it doesn't hurt to have options. I really like the 4th to the right. 


Taxi Photo Made with Wonderland Preset


Thanks Nate - your presets really helped me take my post-production to another level - and are a huge timesaver. Frequently you save me a trip to Photoshop completely.

I'm not in the habit of endorsing products, because putting your name on something means something - Nate your presets deliver, they're worth every penny in the time I save.

-Doug Levy

-In A New York Minute
New York City: I must have shot 1,000 images of NYC taxis in three days. What really stands out for me in this photo is the sense of movement and urgency. 

Vincent Versace has said that just because we take still photos that doesn't mean what we photograph isn't in motion. I could not agree more. 

Doug was nice enough to tell me about his Photoshop User Magazine Cover Photo and to mention his use of Wonderland in the post processing of this photo. As an early adopter of Adobe Lightroom Doug was also an early customer of mine and encouraged me to add to and further develop my presets.  

Doug used Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 48 as part of his post processing of his photo “In A New York Minute” 

Thanks Doug for your kind words. You are an amazing artist.

Check out Doug's blog here


Guess the Original

Can you spot the original Raw photo? Ok, so this shouldn't be too difficult. I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the more creative presets within Wonderland's collection.  Most of the time I am content applying a "general correction" type preset that enhances a photo, but does not go overboard. You can't deny that it is fun to be able to flip through these presets just to see what else is possible.  That's exactly what I have done here. I started off with a basic enhancement preset such as "A-Game 2." After that I moved down the list into the Creative Catalyst section to see just how far we could take this simple photograph. 

Presets used: A-Game 2, Creative Catalyst 19, Creative Catalyst 32, Creative Catalyst 51, Creative Catalyst 56.