These amazing presets help you to easily apply changes to your photos such as color punches, B&W, vignettes, creative duo tones and more…

You get 176 Presets. 

Some of the Wonderland presets features are:

- General application presets to add better tone, contrast, color, (change a  drab photo into a wow! photo)  
- Various Color punch presets
- B&W with different tonal variations 
- Sepias - Duo Tones - Warm shadows 
- Brighten shadows 
- Brighten up skin tones 
- Vignettes in various strengths 
- Add to the intensity of your image 
- Lightening and darkening in various intensities
- Sharpening of different strengths
- Presets made to enhance portraits
- Skin polishing/smoothing preset 
- 60 creative catalyst presets. Defined: A creative agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.    These are presets that apply unique creative effects. These are the heart and soul of Wonderland Presets.
- Isolate 7 different colors and leave the rest of the photo BW 
- Plus much, much, more…

Requires Abobe Lightroom V 1.0 or higher on Mac or PC.

Instant Digital Download

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