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Engagement: This was photo was shot in the late afternoon. I found this rusted metal wall in a deserted lot. I always keep my eye out for spots like this.  Easily accessible and an interesting background. Notice how I was able to backlight this couple by moving them away from the wall towards the light. I had friend use a 4x6 silver reflector to bounce light for fill. You have to be careful when using silver reflectors as they can often be too powerful. Too much light is obviously painful for your subject, but also makes for a less pleasing photo. Moving the reflected light or "feathering" the reflected light can sometimes give a better effect, than using reflectors at full strength. Learning how to reflect light is actually not as easy as it would seem. One must have adequate light to be able to reflect. It is best to move the reflector so that you can see it on the ground and then move it in the direction of your subject. Reflectors/diffusors are easily one of the best ways to quickly improve your photography. Please leave a comment if you have more interest in this. I would love to field any questions.

Photo info: 125/sec, f5.0, ISO 100, 130mm (70-200mm)

Preset: Creative Catalyst 45

Preset: Sepia Suave



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