Taxi Photo Made with Wonderland Preset
Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 3:03PM


Thanks Nate - your presets really helped me take my post-production to another level - and are a huge timesaver. Frequently you save me a trip to Photoshop completely.

I'm not in the habit of endorsing products, because putting your name on something means something - Nate your presets deliver, they're worth every penny in the time I save.

-Doug Levy

-In A New York Minute
New York City: I must have shot 1,000 images of NYC taxis in three days. What really stands out for me in this photo is the sense of movement and urgency. 

Vincent Versace has said that just because we take still photos that doesn't mean what we photograph isn't in motion. I could not agree more. 

Doug was nice enough to tell me about his Photoshop User Magazine Cover Photo and to mention his use of Wonderland in the post processing of this photo. As an early adopter of Adobe Lightroom Doug was also an early customer of mine and encouraged me to add to and further develop my presets.  

Doug used Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 48 as part of his post processing of his photo “In A New York Minute” 

Thanks Doug for your kind words. You are an amazing artist.

Check out Doug's blog here

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