Dramatic Presets
Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 7:28PM

Here I have posted a few examples of how presets can add extra creativity to your work. Included below are presets from the Wonderland  Presets 3.0 collection. BW Moody is just one of 28 black and white presets included in the collection. I really like how it adds contrast to this photo.

Creative Catalyst 30 has definitely made an impact with it's changes to tone. Wonderland Presets includes 60 Creative Catalyst presets (Defined: A creative agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. These are presets that apply unique creative effects. These are the heart and soul of Wonderland Presets).

Color Isolate Red + Portrait is not a preset that first comes to mind for this type of photo, but it really jumped out at me.  There are 16 Color Isolate presets in all and just as the name implies they work to isolate specific colors and turn every other color black and white.  The Color isolate + portrait presets will isolate a specific color plus skin color and turn all other colors black and white. 

Creative Catalyst 30 Wonderland Preset

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