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Railway Car

Shot this railway car while in Heber, Ut.  We went for a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. Anyways, this is a good example of how a preset can really change the mood of a photo.

Photo info:  Shot in the shade during mid afternoon. 
1/100 sec at f/5.6, ISO 400, 70mm (24.0-70.0mm)

Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 54



Just a creative shot of my brother's Harley Davidson. I was driving home and saw a guy on a motorcycle and thought, "man that guy looks pretty tough". I realized, a split second later, that the guy on the bike was my brother. Surprise! I liked his reflection in the gas tank here. My brother's hands at his sides remind me of a cowboy at a shoot out. Not sure why, but I always think that when I see this photo. 

Photo info:  Shot in the shade, 1/30 sec at f/2.8, ISO 800, 70m (24-70mm) lens.


Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 47

Wonderland Preset: BW Natural




Engagement: This was photo was shot in the late afternoon. I found this rusted metal wall in a deserted lot. I always keep my eye out for spots like this.  Easily accessible and an interesting background. Notice how I was able to backlight this couple by moving them away from the wall towards the light. I had friend use a 4x6 silver reflector to bounce light for fill. You have to be careful when using silver reflectors as they can often be too powerful. Too much light is obviously painful for your subject, but also makes for a less pleasing photo. Moving the reflected light or "feathering" the reflected light can sometimes give a better effect, than using reflectors at full strength. Learning how to reflect light is actually not as easy as it would seem. One must have adequate light to be able to reflect. It is best to move the reflector so that you can see it on the ground and then move it in the direction of your subject. Reflectors/diffusors are easily one of the best ways to quickly improve your photography. Please leave a comment if you have more interest in this. I would love to field any questions.

Photo info: 125/sec, f5.0, ISO 100, 130mm (70-200mm)

Preset: Creative Catalyst 45

Preset: Sepia Suave





Johnny:  A quick portrait of my brother Johnny. I was working with my soft box and Johnny happened to drop in on me. Well, of course I put him in front of the camera. I lured him in with the old "these will be great on your Facebook profile."  

Photo info: 1/250 sec at f/5.0, ISO 100, 200 mm (70-200mm)

Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 35



Before & After Samples

Before and after samples here



FAQ: What Are Wonderland Presets?

These amazing presets help you to easily apply changes to your photos such as color punches, B&W, vignettes, creative duo tones and more…

You get 176 Presets. 

Some of the Wonderland presets features are:

- General application presets to add better tone, contrast, color, (change a  drab photo into a wow! photo)  
- Various Color punch presets
- B&W with different tonal variations 
- Sepias - Duo Tones - Warm shadows 
- Brighten shadows 
- Brighten up skin tones 
- Vignettes in various strengths 
- Add to the intensity of your image 
- Lightening and darkening in various intensities
- Sharpening of different strengths
- Presets made to enhance portraits
- Skin polishing/smoothing preset 
- 60 creative catalyst presets. Defined: A creative agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.    These are presets that apply unique creative effects. These are the heart and soul of Wonderland Presets.
- Isolate 7 different colors and leave the rest of the photo BW 
- Plus much, much, more…

Requires Abobe Lightroom V 1.0 or higher on Mac or PC.

Instant Digital Download



Outdoor Portrait

Photo info: This Photo was taken at 1pm in the afternoon.  I used my 4x6 diffuser on camera right to reduce the harshness of the sun.  On camera left I placed a medium sized gold reflector to help fill in the shadows on my subject's face.  

1/1600 sec.  at f3.2, ISO 100, 55mm 



Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 07


Wonderland Preset: BW Natural


Captain John


Captain John: Hanging out and doing what he does best. 

Photo Info:
This photo was taken with natural lighting.  Captain John is sitting next to a west facing window.  The sunlight was very bright and harsh so I placed a 4x6 diffuser up against the window to help soften the light.  The pseudo fur  mat is actually on an ottoman and Captain was nice enough to prop his head on it.  The  ottoman allowed for better lighting and placement of my subject. I used a high key preset (Creative Catalyst 23)  to achieve this effect.  



Turkey Shoot


My brother shooting a ceramic target (clay pigeon) on the annual Turkey Shoot. He brought his 12 guage. I brought my Canon 20D.


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